Visiting Riga, Latvia

Visiting Riga, Latvia

A little round-up about our trip to Riga, Latvia!

From the early 18th century Latvia little by little became incorporated in the Russian Empire. After the First World War Latvia declared independence but in 1940, because of the Secret Additional Protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact the Soviet Union occupied Latvia again until 1941. Nazi Germany occupied Latvia from 1941 to 1944 and after this the Soviet Union occupied this Baltic country and it's neighbors for the next 45 years. 

Years of Soviet occupation left it's traces. Parts of history, most want to forget. Many buildings are still there, but have been given a different function. There are also buildings that are empty because they are way too neglected. We made a short trip in and around Riga to have a look around. We've seen loads of things, buildings, streets, abandoned areas, nice neighborhoods. Here are some highlights of our trip. Read more at: Visiting Riga – Searching for Soviet remnants, Part 1.

Next up, the KGB building (The Corner House), The Latgalīte Flea Market, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the wonderful Art Museum Riga Bourse. Read more about it at: Visiting Riga – Searching for Soviet remnants, Part 2.

Two interesting facts about Riga are about the black cat on the roof of one of the buildings and the other fact is about the Freedom Monument. Read it here: Visiting Riga – Searching for Soviet remnants, Part 3

Poster from the Latvian SSR VEF Riga factory from the 1960s

Who said something about posters?!

And... we found some magical worker safety posters in Riga. Original hand made 1960s artworks! Please use this link to get the automated search query for (worker safety) posters from the VEF factory in Riga (Latvian SSR).


Giorgetti Faux Bamboo 1960s chair


We love old posters and little items from forgotten times. Or think about a children's book from fifty or sixty years ago. It's fun to look at and to imagine what people were doing and thinking back then.

That's why: we see the beauty in every object and art is everywhere to be discovered.

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