Visiting Riga – Searching for Soviet remnants, Part 2

Visiting Riga – Searching for Soviet remnants, Part 2

Our previous post about visiting Riga got such good feedback, we wanted to share some more with you.

We made a short trip in and around Riga to have a look around. We've seen loads of things, buildings, streets, abandoned areas, nice neighborhoods. Again some highlights of our trip.

The KGB Building, known as The Corner House, Riga

The KGB building, or the Corner House, became the symbol of the totalitarian regime during decades of Latvian occupation; it remains a reminder of the last century - a time of large-scale wars, mass repression and genocide - and a relict in 21st-century Riga. While visiting we were able to view jail cells, interrogation rooms and an actual execution room (terrible to be in there). Researchers are still working in here to find out what happend to the people who never came back from this place. 

Address: Brīvības iela 61, buy your ticket online in advance

Inside the KGB Building, also known as The Corner House, Riga (Latvia)

The Latgalīte Flea Market

Although we like rummaging through and sneaking into abandoned places we're great fans of flea markets. One of the cool, funky, flea markets in Riga is the Latgalite Flea Market (daily). There are loads of plumbing stuff, bicycle parts no one might know where to use for and there's a lot of other clutter, but try to look at every stall and in every corner. Hidden gems might be found in places you'd first be hesitant to go into... Be aware of pickpockets and try to use Google Translate if you don't speak Latvian (or Russian). This will add to the experience!

The Riga Central Market is nearby and the Academy of Sciences Building is really close as well.

Address: Firsa Sadovņikova iela 9

Latgalīte Flea Market

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, Riga

Built to a design by Nikolai Chagin and Robert Pflug in a Neo-Byzantine style between 1876 and 1883 during the period when the country was part of the Russian Empire. The largest Orthodox cathedral in the Baltic provinces built with the blessing of the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral is renowned for its icons, some of which were painted by Vasili Vereshchagin. Take a look inside while you're there... And by the way; are you looking for an icon? We've got a Russian Orthodox icon in our collection, just follow the previous link.

Address: Brīvības bulvāris 23

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, Riga

The Art Museum Riga Bourse

The Art Museum Riga Bourse is an architectural monument. It was built between 1852 and 1855 in Venetian renaissance palazzo style. Symbolizing wealth. The design was by the St. Petersburg architect Harald Julius Bosse (from German descent). 

The history of the museum collection is based on the collections of former Riga city elders and merchants that mainly date back to the end of the 18th century and the 19th century. 

Address: Doma laukums 6

Art Museum Riga Bourse, Latvia

While we were there we've found some cool posters and maps!

Old map of Riga

Can you find the locations mentioned above on this old map of Riga in the 1950s?

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