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7 tips about traveling in Ukraine

We decided to share our latest experience with you as we are overexcited and our souls are still there. We went to Ukraine 2 weeks ago and it was amazing! Old Soviet buildings, soviet modernism everywhere, incredible food and lots of treasures of course.
If you are considering to visit this country soon you have to know a couple of things:
    1. COVID
      You don't have to have any pcr/antigen tests if you are vaccinated (November 2021). 

      You will probably arrive at Boryspol airport, taxi to the center of Kiev will cost you around 10-15€.

      It's a crime to be in Kiev and not visit the most famous nuclear reactor and abandoned villages around. Excursions to Chernobyl cost 100€. You have to book beforehand on the website or in their office in the middle of Kiev. You can't go there the same day you book it, because they are ordering official permits to enter the guarded zone. We went with Chornobyl Tour. Couldn't be better, honestly. 

      Taxi is really cheap there. In the city 2-8€ max! To get to another city you can use trains or domestic flights. We chose trains as it's more interesting for us. 

      If you don't speak Russian or Ukrainian you are in trouble! In Kiev you still will find lots of English speaking people. In the center of Kiev, to be fair. And that's it. 

      Everything! We have been to Kiev, Chernobyl, Pripyat, Kremenchuk, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. Kiev is getting more and more modern, but the rest of the cities... it's like going back in time! Truly. We enjoyed every minute there. You will not see Lenin everywhere or lots of Soviet symbols, because they really have been into decommunisation the last years, but lovely architecture is still there.

    7. FOOD
      Just two words: cheap and delicious! Honestly the best food of all post Soviet countries we ever visited!

 Some shots from Ukraine to enjoy:

Not the best hotel in Kiev

Not every hotel is as great as advertised, but we don't mind. Just add it to the experience, right?

A concrete busstop in the Ukrainian countryside

We're in love with concrete busstops!

Lenin went with us

Lenin accompanied us on our trip from Kiev to Dnipro.

Kiev train station

The station of Kiev is a bit chaotic but when you take your time you'll get where you planned to go! No stress, no rush.

The lift is not working

The lift is not working...

Iconic Chernobyl

If you don't know where this is, scroll up and look at number 3!

Facade of the Cyrk of Kiev, Ukraine

Interested in architecture? There's lots to discover in Ukraine...

Searching for Soviet architecture in Kiev, Ukraine

Sometimes you just have to sneak your way into old abandoned buildings to find views like these!

Do you want to know more about visiting Ukraine? Maybe we can help you out, so please send us a message

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