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Poster, parachute instructions, Antonov An-2TD, USSR (CCCP), 1950s


Vintage 1950s USSR (CCCP) Russian Antonov An-2 (An-2TD)
Poster with handwritten parachuting instructions in Russian / Cyrillic text
Used in a Ukrainian SSR / Soviet Air Force

Special notice
The poster is not from the plane pictured here (last picture), this picture is only to show which type of airplane it is from.
The pictures from the inside of the airplane are from the actual airplane the poster is from!
Poster is sold without a frame. The frame is for illustrative purposes only.

About the Antonov An-2

The Antonov An-2 (Ukrainian nickname: "Annushka" or "Annie"; "kukuruznik"—corn crop duster; USAF/DoD reporting name Type 22, NATO reporting name Colt is a Soviet mass-produced single-engine biplane utility / agricultural aircraft designed and manufactured by the Antonov Design Bureau beginning in 1946. Remarkable durability, high lifting power, and ability to take off and land from poor runways have given it a long service life. The An-2 was produced up to 2001 and remains in service with military and civilian operators around the world. The An-2 was designed as a utility aircraft for use in forestry and agriculture. However, the basic airframe is highly adaptable and numerous variants of the type have been developed; these include hopper-equipped versions for crop-dusting, scientific versions for atmospheric sampling, water-bombers for fighting forest-fires, flying ambulances, float-equipped seaplane versions and lightly armed combat versions for dropping paratroops. The most common version is the An-2T 12-seater passenger aircraft.

More information about the Antonov An-2 on this Wikipedia page. Pictured airplane is from Wikipedia contributor 'Halibutt', Beata Chwiałkiewicz (link to page of picture).

Condition: E • Poor condition. The item shows noticeable wear which is distracting; but this item is unique in some way.

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