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Movie poster "Operation Titian", "Operacija Ticijan" Yugoslavia, Cyrillic poster, 1963/1965

Original 1963/1965 (from the first release of this movie in Yugoslavia) vintage theatrical Cyrillic movie poster (measures 81,0 x 54,0 cm).


This is a poster for: "Operation Titian", the Yugoslavian classic from 1963 featuring (among others) William Campbell as Toni (known from "The High and Mighty", "Star Trek" and "Dementia") and Patrick Magee as Dr. Morisijus (known from "A Clockwork Orange", "Chariots of Fire" and "Zulu")Financed by Roger Corman. It is also known as "Blood Bath", "Portrait in Terror" and "Track of the Vampire".

Producer: Radosh Novakovic, Screenwriter: Vlastimir Radovanovitch, Operator: Nenad Jovicic, Composer: Boyan Adamic. Producer: Roger Korman. Actors: William Campbell, Irena Prosen, Rade Markovic, Micha Baloch, Patrik Magi, Manya Golec, Dragomir Felba, Mais Martinovic, Dusan Tadic, Mirko Shvets.

Country: Yugoslavia. Production: Avala-film (Yugoslavia). Premiere: July 13, 1963 (Yugoslavia), February 8, 1965 (USSR).

About the movie

In a small seaside town in the middle of tourist season, an old eccentric, Ugo Bonacic is murdered. The homicide inspector leads the investigation, which directs him to a strange foreigner dressed in white, who came to town with an American diving team. During the investigation, he finds out that old Ugo had a copy of one of Titian paintings, to which unusual legend is bind. Finally, a new version of an old Titian painting legend is cleared up.

More about "Operation Titan" is to be found on IMDB. The link opens in a new window.

About Yugoslavian (movie) posters

Yugoslavian posters rarely have a date printed on them but the artist's signature sometime include the year which helps to date the poster.


This poster has some imperfections. If they are within the image, they are likely noticeable, but not distracting. Please look at the pictures for 'issues'.

Condition: C • Fine condition.

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