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Map, Afghanistan (Афганистан), USSR (CCCP), 1972-1973


Original map of Afghanistan (Афганистан), soviet era, Russian text
Russia, Soviet-Union
GUGK 1972-1973
Scale: 1:2.000.000
62,0 x 75,5 cm
Printed in factory No. 5, Moscow USSR (CCCP)

About this piece of art

The little booklet is still there and the map is looking fresh, but someone has been drawing little square around certain areas on this map. 

Interesting: this map is from the years of the proxy war between Afghanistan and Pakistan. We wonder what the marked areas could mean. Only the owner of the map, at that time could tell us.

See the last picture for a more detailed description from the printers. 

Condition: B • Near Mint condition.

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