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"Stration's daughter", Movie poster, Ukrainian SSR, 1964


Original movie poster 
Odessa, Ukrainian SSR
64,0 x 83,0 cm
Artist: L. Kapitan

Sold without a frame.

A black and white movie from 1964 by Odessa studios.Based off of Vasil Zemlyak’s Gnevnyj Stration. Writen and directed by Vasili Levin.

Starring: Nikolai Kryukov, Valeri Gatayev  and Lyudmila Platonova as Galinka.

Synopsys: German scout Sturmer, under the guise of Captain Crow, sabotages one after another in order to reach the commander of the partisan detachment Stration. Galinka, Stration's daughter, who fell in love with Crow, invades their fight. Becoming his wife, she won’t easily understand who she hid and led to the guerrillas. And when he is convinced of what has happened, he will do everything to help his father ambush a column of Germans heading for the guerrillas at Sturmer's signal. Galinka sacrifices herself in order to safe her father from the Gestapo.

Condition: B • Near Mint condition.

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