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Space program lapel / hat pin Венера-13, USSR, 27 October 1967


Venera 13 (Russian: Венера-13 meaning Venus 13) was part of the Soviet Venera program meant to explore Venus. Venera 13 and 14 were identical spacecraft built to take advantage of the 1981 Venus launch opportunity. The probes were launched five days apart, with Venera 13 launching on 30 October 1981 at 06:04 UTC and Venera 14 launching on 4 November 1981 at 05:31 UTC. Both had an on-orbit dry mass of 760 kg. Venera 13 transmitted the first recording of actual sounds from another planet, including sounds of Venusian wind, the lander hitting the ground, pyrotechnic lens cap removal and its impact on regolith, and action of the regolith drilling apparatus.

More information on Venera 13 on Wikipedia. Link opens in a new window.

Tags: pin, lapel pin, znachki, badge, collectible, enamel

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