Who's at the 2022 Verzamel Jaarbeurs?

Who's at the 2022 Verzamel Jaarbeurs?

The autumn edition of the Verzamel Jaarbeurs will be held on November 12 + 13 (Saturday and Sunday) 2022. The Jaarbeurs halls will then be transformed into the largest collector's fair in Europe. 


Weeks in advance, we were preparing for Oblomov Art's first time at the Verzamel Jaarbeurs. A lot had to be arranged! To make everything run smoothly we assembled ‘the guys’. Shall we introduce ourselves?

The dudes from the Oblomov Art stand

The Oblomov Art team 

Let’s start of with BAS. You might already know: this is ‘the dude from Oblomov Art. He likes traveling to places other people don’t think of and then decides to search for so much stuff he'll be in trouble trying to get home. A collector and a true enthousiast for vintage items. Especially from Central Europe and from behind the Iron Curtain. He will be at the Oblomov Art stand every day.  

Then there's ‘the man’ CHRIS. Don’t talk about cars as he is the ‘OG car guy’. He knows everything about cars you haven’t even seen in real life. Is notorious for trying to save every piece of wood, nail, screw, magazine, coffeecup, cd, rusty car part, bulb, pencil, discman (what?). Don’t bribe him with cigarettes, he quit. 

Third base is KEES. The Mr. Miyagi of our stand knows everything about baseball and vintage furniture. A true Hagenaar (or Hagenees, for others). Always looking for cool stuff at little markets. He might wander of, searching for items to add to his wonderful Japanese garden. 

Last dude on the stand is HANS. A nutter for First World War stuff. He even bought a stahlhelm to show you he is serious about it. Maybe we can persuade him to wear it all day if we call him HANZ with a ‘z’. Let’s see if there’s a skateboard at the VerzamelJaarbeurs as he might do some weird 360 kick-flip stuff.

Check out TRUUS. This little doggy is not for sale – but perhaps making an offer Hans can't refuse does the trick... 

Tickets to the Verzamel Jaarbeurs Autumn 2022 Edition

No tickets yet? Buy your tickets for the Verzamel Jaarbeurs Autumn 2022 Edition in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (The Netherlands) here.

That's it! We're looking forward to meeting you at the Verzamel Jaarbeurs. Hope to see you there!

One last note: we’re at stand 2001 in hall 7, vintage plein (square).

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