Guest article: a happy customer

Guest article: a happy customer

A wonderful couple visited our stand at the VerzamelJaarbeurs in November. Today we received a little 'guest article' and a wonderful picture. Read the little article below.

Together with my 15-year-old daughter, I visited the VerzamelJaarbeurs on the 13th of November 2022. There was one stand that stood out above the rest as far as we were concerned and that was Oblomov Art's stand: vintage objects from the Eastern Bloc. What great items and what a striking decor! The owner of this stand, Bas, was incredibly nice. Turns out he has had a huge passion for objects related to the former Eastern Bloc since his childhood, which does explain the material of his stand. Bas gets most of his objects from countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria and Latvia.

Together with a friend, Bas started the webshop Oblomov Art ( This year, he participated in the VerzamelJaarbeurs for the first time. Besides material from the Soviet era, Oblomov Art also sells other material. So there were also great lamps from the 1960s to be found, special Japanese lacquer boxes and beautiful old crates in his stand. More of these beauties can be found on the website. Worth a visit. For my daughter, we bought an amazing 2-metre wide world map which was produced in the Soviet Union. This now hangs gleaming above her sofa.

World map from the USSR, interior design.

Thanks for your wonderful review Babs!

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