Follow: @meau

Follow: @meau

Introducing our first 'Follow' here with @meau. His pictures are about architecture, minimalism and his travels through Eastern Europe. Just what we like!

About Meau's fascination with the Soviet Union: I’ve been fascinated with the Soviet Union and former Soviet Republics for a long time. Fascinated by it’s history, politics, culture, people, nature and of course architecture. Perhaps also fascinated by “Slavic” countries and culture in general. As such I’ve traveled extensively throughout (South) Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries. The people are very kind, the food is amazing and of course it’s a walhalla for lovers of socialist, modernist and brutalist architecture.”

That's what we like about traveling through these countries as well! 

“I did voluntary work in Armenia for one year back in 2012. It was then when I really got interested in Soviet/socialist architecture and combined it with my other passion/hobby: photography. The rest is history.”

See some of his beautiful minimalistic pictures below. 

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