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After our first 'Follow' (with @meau), we only got more excited. A whole slew of interesting Instagram accounts and websites of people who 'have something to do with the former Iron Curtain' followed. 

When we're on the road, traveling into 'exciting former Soviet land' we always enjoy fantasizing about the lives of the people who owned the little items we come across. What did they do for a living? Where are they now? What happened to them? Did their dreams come true?

And so, something magically happened when I was clicking from website to website and scrolling from Instagram account to Instagram account... These people just knew what I was looking for. 

First: Soviet Innerness

I randomly stumbled across the website Soviet Innerness by Elena Amabili and Alessandro Calvaresi with their intriguing photos of remnants of the former Soviet Union. A piece of the Pravda under a torn piece of wallpaper, a sticker on a wall, an entire mosaic… Elena and Alessandro beautifully document everything in their ongoing project Soviet Innerness.

It's great to get a glimpse of the past in this way. Also check it out on their the Instagram page of Soviet Innerness

Soviet Innerness is featured on The Calvert Journal, Atlas Obscura, Domus, It's nice that, Bird in flight, AnOther, Fubiz and Ignant amongst others.

Please, also check out this couple's other accounts and websites. 

Second: Drum Bun Project

Drum Bun Project is full of Socialist antiquities along Moldova's roads. The website is totally awesome. A short piece from their introduction about this project: "Driving off the beaten path the traveller comes upon the many, well-finished Soviet era road signs: like big imposing concrete sculptures, they are standing there for decades marking sovkhoz, rayon and towns. Hammers and sickles, corn spikes, red stars and collective farmer women carrying grapes pop up in the middle of green gentle hills and long dusty roads. As most of them are slowly but inexorably disappearing – left to rot, updated or just replaced – preserving their peculiar role in Socialist architectural heritage turns now essential." Take your time to take it all in. It's great to see how much energy these people have put into it. 

Polaroid? No. Slavaroid! 

And that's not all... Also check out Slavaroid and here on Instagram. A short snippet from the website tells us, "Not the average over-polished travel photography: Slavaroid is a lo-fi photo blog for Eastern Bloc geeks, instant film addicts and niche architecture connoisseurs." Great images. I can really enjoy this. If I don't travel myself, I can dream a little through these images.

Finally? Socialist Hotels

Finally, we also have Socialist Hotels on offer (check the Instagram page) with the most wondrous photos of old hotels from the Soviet era. Here again: if you are not traveling yourself, this does help fuel your dreams and then you will automatically start thinking about where to go on your next trip! Amazing!

Not the last one?!

Oh wowowow, we almost forgot about one! Really… check out Sweet Home Iron Curtain; their Instagram microblog with everyday objects from the Eastern Bloc. Each item on this Instagram account is wonderfully pictured and described. One of my favorites as I’m a freak for everyday objects myself too! 

I chose this picture/post because my mother-in-law also uses this tableware. Funny to find out more about it through Instagram!


Are we done? Finally haha! So, these people are unmistakably 'Eastern Bloc freaks'. What beautiful images... But as with @meau, I asked Elena and Alessandro: where does your fascination come from? Why do you do this, why do you travel to these countries (where others are not so likely to go on ‘holiday’)?. 

"We're born in Italy, based in Berlin since 2009, and sporadically also digital nomads. We’re both employed in the web field: Alessandro is a project manager and I work as a content editor. Let’s say traveling is our favourite hobby (laughs). We don't disdain Madrid or Athens, but we’re especially attracted by countries which were once behind the Iron Curtain because of their peculiar history. Add the fact we are also avid cataloguers and collectors and here we are!"

Follow this lovely couple for more images and stories. 

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