Differences between vintage, antique, industrial, modern and retro

Differences between vintage, antique, industrial, modern and retro

Our collection is full of newfound treasures. Vintage or antique and some industrial and mid-century modern items as well. They are all quite aged, but what do they have in common and what are differences?

Is this vintage or antique?

An antiques and brocante market in rural Spain

Is this item vintage or antique?

A vintage item is at least 30 years old and dates from the 1920s to the 1980s. An item is only antique when it is slightly older and made by hand. There’s a difference between furniture and books. Furniture is regarded antique after 100 years and books when they’re about 75 years old. Then there’s ‘brocante’. A French word for flea market. Age is less important for brocante items, but they are often just like vintage items from the 1920s to the 1980s. A difference between vintage and brocante is that brocante often has a more lived-in appearance and vintage items are in a much better condition.

Antiques and brocante in Haarlem, The Netherlands

An antiques and brocante market in Haarlem, The Netherlands

Industrial heritage

Industrial furniture and items with industrial heritage often come from workshops and factories and are usually made of robust materials.

Industrial items

Robust lamps and ex-army crates

Mid-century modern

Modern can refer to mid-century modern design, or is to be used as a synonym for contemporary, which generally refers to anything less than 20 years old to brand new. Contemporary items aren't to be found in the Oblomov Art inventory. We love mid-century modern furniture and decorative items. 

Mid-century stool

Mid-century stool and vintage tool chests 


Retro items aren’t vintage or brocante, neither antique. They're new items made after older designs.

Oblomov Art

Oblomov Art is all about vintage (or brocante), antiques and here and there some industrial and mid-century modern items. Because these items and pieces of furniture have heritage. Or soul, so to say. They are most often well made and were loved by their previous owners and can tell a story.

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We love old posters and little items from forgotten times. Or think about a children's book from fifty or sixty years ago. It's fun to look at and to imagine what people were doing and thinking back then.

That's why: we see the beauty in every object and art is everywhere to be discovered.

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